Dr Time

Tick. Tock. Tick
Time scuttled down the drain.
It quickly slid
In seconds skid
It took away the pain.

Ding. Dong. Ding.
Time wiped up all the now.
Its hollow song
Did not take long
It raked all ‘neath its plow.

Swish. Swash. Swish.
Time whispered as it cleaned.
All sorrows numbed
Rough edges scrubbed
It loosened all we pinned.

Click. Clack. Click.
Time closed up all the doors.
Bad memories fade
New ones are made
It didn’t even pause.


About feminemdapest

I love words and how beautifully they can be woven. I have a wicked sense of humor and a mind like a sponge, so little gets past me. As a result, I have a garbage heap of a head. Did I mention I love words?
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