Hop and tumble,swirling debris in upward spiral
Tiny, menacing, harmless tornadoes
Bemused leaves in minute eye
Greenly awaiting brief false flight

Rise and whoosh, on wings of warm air
Ruffling tree skirts, tousling tight curls
Skittering on rooftops, lifting forgotten termite wings
Drifting to earth with somber waver of fallen angels

Sudden swell and puff, sprinkle of powdery dust
Sting of grit in eyes closed too late
Gratified high sighing past delicate ear
Dispatch of unknown fauna up helplessly willing nostril

Lift and parry, easy evasion of angry wave
Delighted twirl and twist on heavy nothing
Gradual gentling, amicable lift of heavy fist
Cheery swishing farewell, nestled under bird’s wing.


About feminemdapest

I love words and how beautifully they can be woven. I have a wicked sense of humor and a mind like a sponge, so little gets past me. As a result, I have a garbage heap of a head. Did I mention I love words?
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