Grief is thieving female, full ‘o wiles
Thinly cloaked, she creeps garbed in smiles
Catching you mid-stride, mid-laugh, mid-yawn
Wrapping cold hands round heart’s door left torn……

Her tools of trade breaking in your memory
Dimming your light with images of old agony
Looking through eyes suddenly filled, a-moist
Rattling hard-earned cool with recollections a-joust….
Riffling through those feeling best left forgotten
Picking at whim, one guaranteed to make you feel rotten
Slyly slipping in the bad, hacking into the good times
Infiltrator of the comic, defiler of joy-filled climes…..

Gleefully turning bright sheets of mind darkly a-rumple
Draping dark veils over the mundane and simple
A deep-throated chuckle, scrunch o’ nose
A wail o’ babe, head’s flippant toss….

Tiptoeing round thoughts o’ comfort and logic
Reopening healed gashes with her special brand o’ magic
Gone as stealthily as she broke the balance
Th’only evidence a pang, a tear or that awful silence….

Dec 24, 2011


About feminemdapest

I love words and how beautifully they can be woven. I have a wicked sense of humor and a mind like a sponge, so little gets past me. As a result, I have a garbage heap of a head. Did I mention I love words?
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  1. falos3 says:

    This is beautifully written

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